As a leading racking and storage solutions supplier, we specialize in optimizing productivity and throughput efficiency in warehouse operations.

Racking and storage systems are key to optimum throughput efficiency and form the backbone of a warehousing operation. At RAK STEEL we provide you with the key to unlock the full potential of your warehouse space, with racking systems, pallet racking, small parts storage, mezzanines and more, all specified to your own application.

A well-designed pallet racking system is the backbone of your logistics operation. The racking has to be up to the everyday challenge of dealing with loads but what’s more, it also needs to be flexible enough to accommodate your requirements as they develop. Future-proof planning is essential.

At RAK STEEL, we focus on in-house developments, individual solutions and delivering the highest levels of quality. With an extensive portfolio of pallet storage, containers, trays, boxes and long goods, we ensure that everything in your warehouse is safely stored and ready to use at any time. Customers from various industries rely on our systems for success.